Benefits Of Using WordPress To Design Your Company Website

Are you thinking about upgrading your old website? If so, you can use WordPress to design your business site. With all the options and various platforms available, you might wonder what’s the benefits of using WordPress. When you start with WordPress, the terminologies, plug-ins and several other things might confuse you, but there is nothing to worry about- we can assist you with everything. In this article, we will list the six important reasons why you should use WordPress. Read the full article for more detail.

Let us now explore the benefits of using this powerful tool:-

WordPress users


That’s right. WordPress is a free platform, which means you can download, install and use it without paying anything. Depending on the nature of your business, you can use it for creating any kind of web design Essex you want. While WordPress is free software, you would need a domain name and web hosting to install it and they do not come for free. Web hosting can be described as an exclusive unit for your website where all the files would be stored.


A large number of WordPress users are neither designers nor web developers. They are just common people who have started to explore this software and they do not have any prior knowledge in web design Essex. WordPress offers thousands of customisable templates for them. You can apply these themes to your website in a few clicks and you would not need any coding knowledge for that. The themes are easy to customise as they come with lots of options for each feature and you can truly customise them without writing a single line of codes.


A good thing about WordPress is that it comes with a built-in update management system. This helps to update your plugins and themes from within the admin dashboard of your WordPress account. The platform also notifies when a new version of  WordPress is available so that you can update it with just a click. The WordPress backup plugin helps to protect your data from getting lost or hacked. It will create automatic backups and the same will be stored in a remote and safe location. You would also be able to manage your WordPress website with the help of its dedicated mobile application.

One of the most popular misconceptions about WordPress is that people think it to be a blogging platform. Even though it started as a blogging tool it is now one of the most powerful website builders and content management systems (CMS)  in the world. It is easy to use and capable of creating different types of websites, both basic and high-end. Due to all its robust features and unique benefits, WordPress is used widely.