Things to keep in mind when buying a good cable

When choosing equipment, either for our studio or to use live, we always want to have quality: the best monitors, the best speakers, the best microphone, the most powerful synthesizer … But we must not forget the links that connect Each element: It is important not to skimp on quality when choosing good cables. Click here for water proof cable manufacturer.

What is the use of having the best sound on our synth if the cable that drives it is of poor quality?

The function of a cable is to transport a signal between two components, protecting it from any external interference that may alter it, and depending on the quality of the cable, it will be in one way or another.

Cable qualities are of all kinds, we recommend you always choose according to your needs. Mainly we are going to find two types of uses to which a cable is going to be exposed, use in mobile installations and use in fixed installations. Visit for cables.

Mobile installations

In this type of installation, the connectors are going to be plugged in and unplugged frequently, for example to a microphone, instrument, or any type of line during a live show, and they will also be winding and unwinding frequently. You will also need to have good protection against external agents. 

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Fixed installations

In this type of installation, as the name implies, the cable will be placed and permanently fixed in the same place, for example a recording studio or control room in which the connection will not be handled frequently. In a fixed installation we will usually have a lot of wiring, so it will be interesting that the cable has a good mesh that reduces electromagnetic interference, and the appropriate length for each connection.

In addition to the quality as such of the cable, we want to influence several characteristics that we have to take into account when choosing a cable:

Durability, amount of use

A cable that we are going to leave in a fixed installation is not the same as a cable that we are going to be routinely connecting and disconnecting. The cable connector with the usual use can be affected and loose, which can cause disconnections or eventual noise, something that will vary depending on the quality of construction of the cable. The better a cable, the better mesh it will have, and its useful life to be used.

Ergonomics, usability

It is important to choose the cable that suits our needs: that it adapts correctly to the inputs or outputs of our devices, that the connector is angled or straight, that is light and does not damage the connector to the plug input, or make it simple to pick up.