Some Tips When Outsourcing Your Customer Service

Before we discuss anything else, it would be better to define outsourced customer service. This is when a business uses a third-party platform to take care of support tickets. These companies hire customer service representatives that know your brand, understand your brand voice, and have experienced using your product. This makes sure that when you speak to customers, the support staff understands your business fully. When you have decided to outsource your customer support, you better read more about these tips:

Set transparent goals when you outsource services

The first thing you have to do when you outsource your customer service is to set clear goals. Why do you want to outsource this service first of all? Is it to offer 24/7 technical support or to improve your NPS? Or do you want to get better coverage across all of your marketing channels? Perhaps you like to scale up or down the support staff so that they can handle more tickets. What you need to do is to define what is success in your business for you.

Figure out what you need

You have to be clear with your goals and find a customer service team outside of your company that’s flexible. If you have a lovely site, a strong social media presence, and even a chatbot that can address basic customer queries and concerns, you will still be needing real people to handle queries and concerns that cannot be addressed by chatbots. This is particularly true if your business is growing.

outsource your customer support

Try to integrate customer service with a service software

Figure out what you need and want from customer support software, you must now automate your customer service. And this is where you need customer support as a service tool. You can try to find a platform that can offer you flexibility when you have to outsource your customer support. Look for a platform that has 24/7 support staff that can be scaled up or down, call deflection for reducing the volume of calls, integration with all the tools that you already use, and automated customer insights for tracking progress and ROI.

Learn where the customers can reach you

After you found the platform for automating and outsourcing customer service, it’s the time for you to gather all of your marketing channels. With the many tools and means provided for customers to contact you, it’s crucial to know where all your messages come from. Sometimes companies tend to neglect or forget all of the channels that their customers use to get through to them. Millennials may use email and chat while Gen Z customers go to social media to respond to concerns. This is why it’s crucial for you to be clear about where people can contact you.