Quality Mouse For Your Online Video Games

A gaming mouse is designed for gamers with adjustable sensitivity. It is configurable according to the number of dots per inch or DPI. The greater the dots per inch, the farther the cursor will move on the screen with a similar amount of mouse movement. Generally, a higher dots per inch setting is 1000 DPI and more.

A higher DPI setting is used for gaming and gaming monitors with higher resolutions. But, in video games, the higher DPI helps or hinders depending on the scene’s zoom level. A Higher DPI mouse enables the gamer to make a quick movement while a lower DPI allows smaller precise movements.

Normal mouse versus mouse for gaming

You will often see specific brands of gaming mice promoted as essential to a custom-built gaming PC. There is an essence that your new rig running big tiles at 120 FPS will be useless unless you are using a flashing neon mouse with several buttons. But, no matter what you say, a mouse for gaming is not a requirement to build a great gaming setup.

Thus, just see the difference between a normal mouse and gaming mice.

Are gaming mice worth it?

Yes, it can be pretty much a wiser choice than a normal mouse can. The most important thing is to do on top of that. It comes down to functionality. It is geared toward performing better ways to help the gaming experience satisfactorily.

Why do gaming mice make a difference?

Gaming mice can be identical to the standard mouse. Although it has a different look from a professional office mouse, still it gives you the complete package of having great features. The biggest differences between a normal mouse and a gaming mouse, down to their performance and small differences in function.

The difference can be a bit technical, yet it affects the performance of playing games. If you are looking for a great mouse, you may check a list of the best wireless mice. As a buyer, you should check on the difference between the gaming mice and standard PC mice.

gaming mouse


The DPI of the mouse means dots per inch. The dots are the number of points that the mouse registers movement between a single inch. In terms of gaming, a perfect mouse creates smaller movements to be picked up on. It makes the movement more sensitive and responsive must be greatly increased.

With gaming mice, it adds accuracy and might not be necessary when filling in a spreadsheet.


Gaming mice feature a few extra buttons. Extra buttons can be mapped and allow you to make more inputs without moving your hands. In terms of gaming, it helps keep the hands in a resting position.

Are you a buyer or a potential customer of gaming mice? This guide can help with your browsing.