Different barcode printer ribbon for your printer

The Printers are classified into two types: flat head and near edge. Occasionally, a person will utilize near-edge ribbon in such a flat-head printer, resulting in low-quality photos. Then, just at the customer’s location, a professional or trained user attempts to resolve the issue by changing the print-head temperature. This approach will result in early wear or damage to the print-head and an increase in operating costs. As a result, it is prudent to exercise caution while purchasing the appropriate ribbon for the kind of printer.

So you have a barcode label printer, and you’re not sure which thermal transfer ribbon to utilize for their application. You have arrived at the correct location; this article discusses barcode printer ribbon‘s fundamental properties and uses.

The ribbon used will be determined by their application; combinations are created and approved to print on various media and are suited for certain uses. It’s critical to pick the proper one because it will assure the quality and durability you’re searching for. Most thermal transfer printers support three broad combinations.

barcode printer ribbon

Types of printer ribbons –

  1. Wax ribbon– Wax barcode printer ribbons are the most frequent and are appropriate for uncoated or matte-covered labels.

Wax ribbons have become less durable than other forms, but they are also less costly. They give a more fade-resistant picture than Direct Thermal tags, but the image is still sensitive to scratches and smudge. Wax ribbons are also less chemically resistant than wax resin.

  1. Wax resin ribbon– Wax-resin ribbons are normally half wax and half resin. They are more costly than wax ribbons, as they’re more durable and versatile in terms of substrate. They could print on practically any label or packaging material.

Wax-resin is much more durable than wax in terms of scratch or smear resistance, and it is immune to ranging from mild chemicals and higher temperatures.

  1. Resin ribbons– These resin barcode printer ribbon still include some wax, but they are primarily pure ink resins. It is the most durable and costly TTRs, designed for most demanding applications and suitable with glossy coated labels, synthetic films labels such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Nylon, and even specialist receptors such as Polyimide, Acrylate, and fabrics. These are the most long-lasting ribbon compositions. Extreme heat or cold, harsh chemicals and solvents, abrasive scratches.

For best print, find the best ribbon. Do your research properly and choose accordingly.