About CS GO Christmas Game Night

CSGO Christmas Game Night is a monthly event taking place on December 25th and other days throughout December. The event features competitive CS:GO matches where teams will play in various levels of skill brackets. To participate, teams either have to have a majority of their roster be at least Silver level (3 or more players, with at least 2 silver).


Bitskins Arena is bitskins CSGO’s newest feature, where teams can fight for the Bitskins Arena championship! On December 25th, a first round will be played right before the main event. Depending on their placement in this tournament, Championship points will also be awarded to Season 2 and 3 clubs.


CSGO Christmas Game Night has received mixed reviews from the community. While it has been praised for the prize pool, many people have described it as “a glorified pub match”. The event was also criticized for its format, which consisted of only one map being played during the evening. CS GO gaming night has reformed and is now a 6 map tournament.


The Christmas update features a new game mode called ‘Gun Game’, in which players have to upgrade their weapons at every round. CS GO gaming is back on December 25th, and is still a 5 map tournament. These changes have been asked for by the community since the first tournament in 2016.


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CS GO Christmas gaming night has received an overall positive feedback from the community, with many saying that it is a great addition to the game. The event’s format has also changed slightly, with a new map being used instead of Overpass and Cobblestone.


The CS GO Christmas game night is back for 2017! As before there will be two main events: An Amateur event which anyone can enter where there is no skill bracket and a BYOC tournament which is a skill bracket (Silver – Gold).


In 2017, CS GO Christmas Game Night was moved to the second Saturday of December, taking place every month on December 2nd. The event will only feature competitive Counter-Strike titles.


After seeing positive reviews from the community, skinbay CS:GO Christmas Game Nights kept up the trend in 2017, with one being held on December 2nd. The structure remains similar to 2016’s tournament, with a BYOC cup and an Amateur event for everyone else.


A significant point of criticism for this game night is that there is no set map to be played. Instead, players can choose which maps they would like to play on during their matches.