Factors that makes a Good Web Design

Sites by Design: a company that specializes in creating a good-quality and user-friendly web designs for websites and online businesses. They provide a good web design that will help your business reach a new greater height. A web design can either push you up or pull you down from your competitors. That’s why a good web design matter.

Web Design is the overall look or presentation of your website – from the content, layout, font or text style, graphics and color. These things, when combined accordingly and appropriately together can make a good web design.

Making a Good Web Design

What makes a web design good?

Aside from the basic elements mentioned above that make a website useful and pleasing to the eyes; one must not forget to consider the audience or the end user.

Keep inmind that a good web design must be user-friendly.The kind of web design that Sites by Design can create for you. Below are the factors one should take into consideration to make a user-friendly web design:

  • Navigation – Users may evaluate your website just by having a mere glance on it. Your website may be filled with information, but can they be easily found? The main goal must be for the users to maneuverand browse with ease. Helping them to efficiently find what they need. That’s why you must have the navigation tools in the web design made with high regards on how the users search or use the site.
  • Use of Multimedia – Putting suitable images, video, and audio into your web design can help users perceive and comprehend the information in your site. Also, it will provide entertainment for them. Thus, making them stay and a regular user of the site
  • Browser Compatibility – People uses different browser. Having a web design that is compatible with any kind of browser; and operating system, means your site has higher chances of being seen or used by potential clients or customer.
  • Consistent and Organized –Imagine browsing through a website that uses different fonts and color. Instead of having a good time reading its content, it will become very tiring and stressful. Nowadays, when everything seems to be chaotic, people wants and go for things that are consistent. To lessen or to fully remove distractions on your website is one of the objectives of web design.
  • Interactive – Adding interactive features on your web design will draw more visitors and potential clients on your site. Putting comment boxes and opinion polls will make users feel that their opinion matters; and you can probably get ideas from them on how to improve your website. You can also update them on what is new on your website by having newsletter sign ups using their emails.
  • Technology and Competition – Today, when people rely more on the internet, it’s not surprising to have more competitors. Investing on a web design company like Sites by Design could open more opportunities for you and your business.