Why do people prefer using SVG animation?

Nowadays, animation has become very important, especially while creating movies, games, and animated cartoons. The animation is mainly a process of manipulating a static image to a movable one. In other words, it includes the way of managing a still image to create an illusion of movement.

There are many websites where you can learn and practice animation. SVG animation is one of the best among them. This website provides an easy user interface. One also does not require much coding skills to use it, and the skills can be quickly developed.

Why people prefer SVG?

Scalable Vector Graphics’ also known as SVG, is one of the best ways to animate your desired image. This website has become the choice of many people because SVG is considered a separate document by browsers and positioned inside the DOM of that page, making it easier to use.

Not only that, but this website also provides the option to apply their animation through JavaScript to make more interactive elements. This option is not provided in many websites, which attracts more people to use SVG.

Benefits of SVG animation

If you are thinking of animation, using SVG would be the perfect option. This website provides you many benefits that could help you in making animation. Here are some of them-

  • One of the most significant benefits of Using SVG is that they are not dependent on resolution. This means they are different from JPGs. SVGs retain similar quality no matters in what screen resolution they are. In simple words, a display where JPGs could appear a little blurry if the screen is not big, but SVGs will look high quality.
  • SVGs files generally result in small size if they are optimized correctly. This could be beneficial for you if you are working on a high-resolution screen. It will also help you if you are using it on your website as they will load fast.
  • Files of SVG are unique as they can be edited in graphic editing programs or in a text editor where you can directly adjust the mark-up.
  • Using SVG animation is very beneficial as you can control the styles within images. You can also fill colour, sizing, and many more things through CSS.

SVG could be the best way for you to animate photos as it will provide you the option of controlling style.