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Living with web marketing has its pros and cons. first of all, do we know what is ‘digital marketing’? It is defined as marketing through the internet and connects with many audiences through various platforms. Well, the majority of customers consumes content from traditional media- television, tablet, and smartphone. Apart from this, it gives brands a chance to stay applicable by making themselves noticeable through different touchpoints such as email, mobile marketing, Social media, etc.


From the 1990s, this term came into use. The very first clickable live banner went in 1993. The first commercial web magazine, ‘Hotwired, ’ purchase few ad banners for their advertising. This generates a new digital era of marketing.

Now let’s understand the top six categories of online marketing

  • Websites

Often uses at home for purchasing. Even organizations that use sites to host content also use other mediums for distribution.

  • Content marketing

Content creation is the most important part of the entire digital marketing.’ That’s why we call it the ‘spine’ of it. Creating content is for inspiring, entertaining, or persuading your customers through your channels most famous formats include infographics, podcasts, slide decks, video, and ebooks.

  • Online PR (online public relations)

When any product reviews either by buyers, bloggers, influencers, or the press member mentions any brand through their stories, interviews re-contributed in online PR.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Behaves like a jetpack for content marketing contain on-page and off-page that boosts the website’s visibility (SERPs) search engine result pages.

  • Digital advertising

Acts as an umbrella for numerous online advertising plans. The classical pricing strategies for such advertising are cost-per-click (CPC) and (CPM).

  • Email marketing

Helps in maintaining cold and warm contacts by sending them email alerts about products and services.



  1. Global reach

With very low rate investment website permits to find of new trade globally.

  1. Openness

Helps in creating a reputation and built customer loyalty for being easy to engage with.

  1. Low cost

Through an online marketing campaign, one can reach the right buyer at a very low cost than traditional methods.

  1. Improved conversion rate

If one has a website, then one’s buyer may purchase easily.

With a brief description, we come to a point, everything on this planet has its advantages and disadvantages. So, one should take measures while using such marketing techniques. However,, in terms of business, helps grow to a large extent by promoting different strategies capturing traffic from all social media through digital channels.