Ultimate guide to protecting your private information

Encrypt text in a note

Taking notes is a fairly personal thing. Some people are meticulous in their note organization, with files, subtitles and prudent bullets. However, you like to take notes, if they are text scraps only or developed, there is an application of notes that can manage all your quirks and your notes.

First, applications had to be good in what they claimed to do. It looks like an easy to erase bar, but you would be surprised at the number of applications below. Not all of the note -taking applications should not have features such as text image conversion or stylus support, but if it was boastful of them, they had to be well executed and pleasant to use.

protect private notes

Use Notes features and settings

Of course, later, you can leave and organize all your notes in meticulously sorted notes. In this case, click on the privnote in the sidebar and then on the new note. Give him a name and you can drag and place notes from anywhere else in Note. Alternatively, you can right -click on a note, click on Move, then select your chosen laptop.

Note goes further with its research features. If you download an image of a sheet of paper, a business card, a menu, a sign or anything else with text, Note automatically processes the image to make it more readable, then processes the text to make it consultable . So if you add a photo of your favorite pancake recipe, you can search for it as if it was a text note that you have tapped yourself.

Notes – send your secrets safely

Second, all note taking applications had to be quick and easy to use. The real competition here was not other note -taking applications, but a pen and a piece of paper. If it was not as practical to open a score application and create a quick note as to reach my office for a pen, it did not cut it. This rule also extended to other features: edition and sorting privnote had to feel transparent and natural, rather than requiring a battle with a horrible user interface.

Likewise, the main reason to have a privnote  application instead of a laptop is that you can access anywhere on any device at any time, that you are at your office at work, that You relax on your sofa at home or by stealing to-coast. At a minimum, we needed applications available on a desktop and a mobile platform, and have a kind of offline feature. You cannot be locked from your note because you do not have Wi-Fi.