The Compelling Benefits of NFTs for Artists & Creators

Are you an artist and want to create a name for yourself in the blockchain industry? Do you want to grow your profession as an artist by utilizing the metaverse? If so, NFTs are the right choice for you. These are short for Non-Fungible Tokens and are all the hype these days, especially for creators and artists. Many projects can help you create your NFT, such as oncurio. Here, they not only focus on NFT art but also NFT utility, allowing you to enjoy more perks and benefits. However, what are the different advantages of utilizing NFTs as an artist? Find out here.

Easy to Enter Due to Lesser Obstacles

One of the main benefits of using NFTs that artists and creators will appreciate is that there are lower barriers to entry. For instance, there are fewer gatekeepers if you’re trying to make it in the digital world than in the analog world. Furthermore, it allows you to avoid the enormous hassle plus the investment required to set up manufacturing and distribution for a set of thousand copies. With NFTs, these hindrances are eliminated, and you get to easily distribute your digital art pieces along with a physical copy to enhance their value.

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You Get Easy Access the Global Market

Trying to make it in the art industry can be challenging, especially if your aim is to become well-known in the global market. But with NFTs, it’s easy to reach global popularity since almost everything is available online. Of course, you can’t market your work to all jurisdictions in the world due to regulatory issues. However, you have a much larger market than what you’re limited to in the local community. Not everyone has easy access to conventions, galleries, etc. But even if you do, it’s not as substantial as what the internet has to offer.

Experience Royalties in a Snap

Artists will instantly make money after successfully selling a piece. However, they typically miss out on any of the profits made when it’s time to trade it on the secondary market. Since art only gains true value after some time, the lack of royalties has typically left artists with just a fraction of what they should earn. On the other hand, the collectors are those that end up becoming rich. With NFTs, you don’t need to suffer from a lack of royalties. Once you make a sale, you get to enjoy 10%  or 20% of all future sales of your work. It’s easily achieved since it was programmed in NFTs from the beginning.