Modern cloud services and servers

Cloud services provide modern businesses with many advantages that increase the overall productivity, increase efficiency and are cost- effective technology. It also gives scalability to your business and access to automatic updates. Cloud technology basically offers data storage and computing power without direct management by the client. The data is stored in encrypted form and thus provides safety and security of your data. Cloud service in simple terms is that you can access and store data on the internet rather than on your local computer hardware. Thus, it increases the amount of data that can be stored and is also easy to use and maintain rather than conventional servers that require high-maintenance and are prone to internet attacks.

There are a wide variety of cloud servers available today, that are secure, easy and flexible to use for example; AS400 cloud based server designed by IBM. One of the main advantages of cloud based servers is that they are cost – effective than regular servers.  Many companies dealing in cloud services also give one month free trial for the client of their product.

How do cloud based servers work?

Cloud based servers provide services for customers who want to shift their business apps from their own server to a cloud hosted environment. Cloud based servers provide three types of services namely: SAAS (Software as a service), testing of user’s application on cloud server. Physical servers that are installed on campus of any organization have various vulnerabilities like; potential threat of cyber attacks and leakage of confidential data that can cost money and reputation of your organization, it also has a risk of downtime which lowers business productivity, and extra cost in recovery of the system. Most importantly, it can give you serious headache.

Modern cloud services and servers

Special benefits of cloud based services and servers

There are some special, unique benefits of using cloud computing based technology and servers.

  • Increased security: Everyone agrees that data security is of utmost importance in any organization. Cloud based services provide high- level security features such as data encryption and backup routine and provide better security than on premise servers. It means that even if your hardware is stolen or completely broken your data will not be lost and it can be recovered back if you use cloud based servers. All your data stays in the cloud.
  • Cloud based servers provide several other important benefits such as: centralized collaboration, scalability and saves your time and money and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Good collaboration offers exchange of documents with co – workers, when you store a file it is stored in the central cloud network, from where it can be accessed by another person.