Managed Service And Its Benefits To Your Business

Managed IT Services are jobs performed by a third party repeatedly in the context of business IT services. Managed services model is to offload general tasks to the expert to reduce costs, enhance service quality, or free internal teams to perform work specific to the business. The company provides service offerings called MSP (Managed Service Provider).

What is MSP?

The third party delivers services called MSP. A managed IT service team is often an IT service provider that will manage and assume responsibility to provide a defined set of business tech services to the clients, either as MSPs or proactively determining services needed. A managed service provider is responsible for the use of equipment or service, managed under the service level agreement or SLA. The service level agreement contains provisions for:

  • Typical downtime
  • Disaster recovery
  • Technical support
  • Desk operations

The customer who received the service often pays a monthly subscription fee, while others can try the trial first before subscribing. In this way, they can be aware if the service is worth spending. Companies outsource the responsibility to maintain and anticipate the IT needs for various processes and functions to improve:

  • Operations
  • Cut expenses
  • Streamline IT management


Managed IT Services

What benefits of using managed IT service?

Managed IT services are valuable for both small and large businesses, whether new or established companies. Some benefits of using managed IT service includes:

  • Cost savings. Managed services are tied to a variable cloud expense. The service can save money on training and staff. The pricing for the service includes a fixed monthly fee. Engaging a managed service company rather than building in-house IT operations is inexpensive and the costs are predictable, which is ideal for budgeting.
  • Filling the skills gap. The managed services are good for teams without skills, time, or experience internally to manage business functions of their own or select to focus efforts on other initiatives. To rely on experts to provide a service that allows the teams to focus on innovation without getting bogged down in routine tasks.
  • Reliability. Anyone can be worry-less about outages because the managed service provider keeps the service available all the time. IT support and services provide under SLA. So, it has clear what you can expect and when to expect it. The in-house IT team is juggling multiple responsibilities, but MSP focuses on perfecting the delivery of specific services.

It focuses on the security and health of the service that applies upgrades and patches as needed.

Managed services versus cloud services

Cloud service. Software offerings are managed by sellers and delivered to customers on demand, including vendor management of:

●       Application

●       Data

●       Platform

Managed IT service. It provides the cloud platform that their service delivered as a part of their service.

So, it is in you which one you use, your choice!