Know Where To Buy An ACRA Business Profile Online

ACRA or Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority administer and establish information and documents related to only business entities, corporate services, and public accountants. ACRA has successfully registered these business entities. The public can readily access these documents along with the information. Both the stakeholders as well as the public are allowed to collect this information. They will be responsible for conducting background checks of these business entities.

Need for an ACRA business profile

Any company with business activities needs an acra business profile. In Singapore, business people should register to ACRA. An ACRA business profile is basically a summary or a snapshot of the electronic document that contains some basic information related to ACRA. A business profile should offer information such as entity name, registration number, registration date, business activities, and charges and owners of any business entity.

For reference, you can look up any online printout of a detailed business profile of any registered company in Singapore. In this sample, you can find the names of almost all partners and directors. For every company in Singapore, an ACRA business profile is a must. The most important purpose of holding an ACRA business profile is for the verification of the business entity’s information.

Steps to buy an ACRA business profile 

There are plenty of samples of an acra business profile online. These samples can be your references to create a profile. Business entities need to purchase a business profile online. A business profile does not generally cost a lot. To purchase this profile, it is essential to login to BizFile and thoroughly go through the purchase information. The next step is to make your payment upon the purchase of the this business profile.

When the payment is done, you will get a mail in 15 minutes. This email will contain a download link for the product. You can click on the link to finally download the product. In case you do not receive the mail, you can also check the message section of BizFile. You can receive this message once you login to the site. However, one of the most important things to keep in mind here is that the product will expire after seven days upon receiving the link.

Authentication of a business profile

A business profile is usually given out for free to all the registered and newly incorporated entities. Also, businesses that are renewing their business registrations successfully also required a business profile. You can also opt for an ACRA business profile with certificate of production. It is basically a report that usually come with a certificate of production and a business profile. This certificate also bear an authentication number and an ACRA stamp. This certificate does not involve any cost as such. It is authentic since it has been been verified by ACRA.