Create a successful Instagram account

After seeing Instagram ‘s basic Instagram features, create your optimized Instagram account: Download the Instagram app on your mobile phone: app on your iPhone The Instagram app on your Android smartphone. The Instagram Choose a short username that your subscribers can easily find by typing your name or brand into the user search interface. Choose a profile photo that your subscribers can easily identify in their photo feed when you post a photo. This is a detail because your photos will make the difference but a profile photo clearly visible in the Timeline captures the attention

Earn your first 100 subscribers on Instagram

How to increase the number of your followers on Instagram? To earn your first followers on Instagram, start by connecting to your network of friends, family, and colleagues. They will be your safest to combine to share your photos and videos.

Post viral photos on Instagram

This is the base: if your photos are of no interest to anyone, the rest of this tutorial will not help you at all. All tips for creating quality photos in the tutorial How to have more than I like on Instagram

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Use videos on Instagram

By tapping on the camera icon to the left of the button to take a picture on Instagram, you can switch to the video recording interface. This interface will allow you to record short videos and apply a filter to them, as is the case for the photos featured. Videos are relatively little used on Instagram compared to photos. There is, therefore, a place to be known through sketches, mini-clips or tutorials.

Use Hyper lapse to make time-lapse

Instagram has launched an application called Hyper lapse which allows you to make very cool videos in fast motion or slow motion. What attracts the attention of your followers. instagram takipci satin al is used in some conditions

Timelapse videos could make it interesting for your grandmother to design a wool knit. Do not hesitate to use it for:

 Give a different perspective and point of view

  • Show a product, a place, an event by accelerating idle time
  • Capture moments in slow motion on the contrary as a sublime landscape
  • Be creative

Schedule your posts on Instagram

Scheduling your posts on Instagram can help you:

  • Feed your account continuously
  • Anticipate the production of photos in advance
  • Publish at the best time to get more impact

Check out the tutorial to schedule posting of your photos on Instagram