Bluetooth Speaker Makes Listening to the Music Simple and Trouble Free

Whether you roam around the city streets or backwoods trails –the bike speaker will improve your riding experience just by making you to listen your favourite music or radio while you are peddling. If you are not very sure what features that you need, take a close look at our bike speaker guide for complete information on the mounting options, durability, sound quality, and battery life.

Bluetooth or WiFi – Which One To Choose?

There’re two ways of going wireless—WiFi and Bluetooth. WiFi speakers will connect to your house network; usually they run on the AC power, thus they need an outlet. The bluetooth bike speaker is paired straight with the device like phone or laptop. They generally tend to be very compact & battery-powered that makes them very portable. There are a few models that offer both the connection options.

bluetooth bike speaker

Some Important Features for the Wireless Speakers

No matter whether you prefer the refined sonic presentation, you will want some functions so you may take complete control of the wireless speaker.

Inputs & Outputs

Most of the wireless speakers have got auxiliary audio inputs, which can easily be used for connecting gear like portable audio player and TV via the reliable cable connection. There are some speakers that will charge other devices through USB port. The optical digital/audio input will connect to the devices like Blu-ray, DVD and CD player. The outputs allow you add the subwoofer when you are watching video from the docked iPad on the TV.

Connectors & Docks

That depends on a model you choose, you can get iPod dock or ability to connect iPhone, iPod, and another device through USB. Some of the units have got connectors and docks that will accept 9pin Lightning connector that is found on the newer models of iPhones.

Hands-Free Speakerphone Feature

Available on some Bluetooth models, such feature allows you to take calls on the speaker.

Wireless & Bluetooth Speaker Signal Strength

Before you select the speaker, think about where you will use this. Suppose you are using the speaker outdoors, then consider portable Bluetooth speaker. Pick the compact model and you will conserve a lot of space on your patio table, or select one that actually comes in the fun color, which matches to your tablecloth.

Getting a perfect Bluetooth bike speaker always improves the cyclist riding experience. Well, while shopping for the bike speaker, it is always good to remember that the outdoor conditions are totally unpredictable. Thus, getting the reliable and engineered device can ensure that you enjoy your music without any kind of interruptions. Some other features that you can include are compactness and rechargeability among many more.